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JK 27 Satellite Meeting: the 1st NINJAL-SNU Joint Workshop

Date: October 17 (Th), 2019
Time: 12:50-6:00pm
Venue: Bldg. 4 #302, Seoul National University (SNU) – Maps and Directions


12:50 Opening remarks

13:00-13:50 Talk 1:Stuart Davis & Young Hwang (Indiana University)
“Patterned community sound change in progress:
American ay-raising and North Kyungsang Korean loanword tone change” abstract

13:50-14:40 Talk 2:Haruo Kubozono (NINJAL)
“Word accent and vowel length in the postlexical phonology of Japanese” abstract

14:40-15:00 Break 1

15:00-15:50 Talk 3:Jongho Jun & Nayoung Park (SNU)
“Learning the sonority sequencing principle in English and Korean” abstract

15:50-16:40 Talk 4:Hyun Kyung Hwang (University of Tsukuba) & Reiko Mazuka (RIKEN)
“Learning the laryngeal contrast in Japanese” abstract

16:40-16:50 Break 2

16:50-17:40 Talk 5:Adam Albright (MIT)
“Exceptional and unexceptional gradience in English and Korean”

17:40-18:00 General Discussion

There are no registration fees and no pre-registration is required.

For further information or questions, contact Sarang Jung at sa3649[at]snu.ac.kr (Replace [at] with @).


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